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Offshore Wave Energy Generator

The kinetic energy of waves is dependent on the location with higher energies available on the western coastlines of countries far from the equator. In the southern hemisphere this means the south and west coasts of Australia, South Africa and Argentina while in the northern hemisphere the west coast of USA, Portugal, Ireland and Scotland experience strong waves with power between 40-70 kilowatts per metre of wavefront.


Other regions of the world are exposed to lower power densities that, in absolute terms, still presents a significant resource.     


Plithos Renewables has designed a modular wave energy converter that can be increased in size at minimal incremental cost to intercept waves from a wide variety of conditions.

One oceanside free-floating segment follows the rise and fall of incoming waves while the shoreside section is anchored to the seafloor or mounted to an offshore structure like an oil rig or ship. Hydraulic cylinders driven by the motion can be used for electricity generation or seawater desalination.


MK2 WEC side profile crop.jpg

Above: MKII Floating WEC. A-frame arms connect the free-moving float to the moored structure with external hydraulic cylinders to be mounted above the water.  

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