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Utility Pole

While traditionally made from wood, utility poles that support overhead power lines and street lights can be fabricated from the modular block construction technique designed by Plithos Renewables.


When assembled out of blocks and threaded rods, the poles no longer risk contributing to deforestation and are not subject to threats from termites and rot. This makes the modular block utility poles suitable for arid countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar that are also experiencing rapid rates of electrification and increasing demand for poles.  

Direct embedment in the ground in the same manner as wood poles simplifies installation and mid-pole flanges form mounting points for cross-arms and transformers.

The pole is covered under the Australian Standard Patent 2018213970.

Side tripod.jpg

Left: A 3m tall pole constructed as a tripod. A wooden cross-arm replaces one block at the top of the pole.

Right: Larger diameter poles can be constructed with the same modular component.

6 brick pole.jpg
2 block pole.JPG

A 12m tall utility pole will contain 148 layers of blocks. A total of 296 blocks will be used per pole for a total mass of 150kg.

Deltoid hypocycloid.jpg

The colour and shape of the poles can be designed for unique installations.

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