Raceway Pond

Raceway ponds are open-topped loops of water that are constructed to facilitate the growth of algae and fish species for the pharmaceutical, wastewater treatment and food sectors. The cultivation of algae for biological carbon capture and liquid biofuels production is still in its infancy with capital costs presenting a significant cost barrier to widespread use. 

The bricks used to construct the poles described in other designs can be adapted to above ground raceway ponds. The ponds can be scaled in both height and length while multi-lane ponds can be used to increase the total width.

At a brick height of 80mm, a three brick high pond will be 0.24m, suitable for algal cultivation.

Plastic lining will be required to waterproof the pond and paddlewheels can be bolted onto the threaded rods used to hold the bricks together. 

raceway 2d picture.png
raceway 3d picture.png

A 6m wide algal raceway pond with 11m straight sections will use 720 bricks and cover 94m².