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24-hour, carbon-free energy. That is the potential of ocean waves. 


Through a combination of a modular construction method and hydrostatic transmission system, Plithos Renewables aims to develop cost competitive wave energy generators for use in micro-grids and remote desalination before expanding to full-scale grid projects.  

The enabling feature of the modular construction method is a block with semi-circle ends. These blocks can be mass produced and built into a variety of shapes for wave energy generators, seawalls and poles.

Wave Measuring Photoshoot (11 of 20).jpg

The modularity offered by the blocks allows Plithos Renewables to create offshore wave energy generators to access powerful waves with the potential to supply aquaculture sites and oil and gas platforms and nearshore wave energy generators for beach deployed projects.

MK2 WEC side profile crop.jpg
Nearshore cropped.png
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